I’o Hawks Soaring Daily in Kona Skies

i'o hawk flying over captain cook, south kona, hawaii

About every day of August I think we’ve spotted at least one Hawaiian Hawk/I’o Hawk soaring above our coffee farm, and sat on the lanai watching him make big circles all through the valley inside the pali overlooking Kealakekua Bay. Sometimes we’ll see two, but usually just one at a time. Mornings and mid to late afternoons.

The I'o Hawks (or Hawaiian Hawks) are a daily visitor to our coffee farm in captain cook, hawaii, throughout the  month of August

Last week one of the hawks landed in the mokeypod tree directly in front of our cabin, and since we are on such a steep slope we are looking down on this enormous tree and thus had a good view of the top of the tree. I grabbed the camera and took a few quick pictures, but the hawk is mostly obscured by the tree. Then I tried to quickly dial the hawk in on the transit (which I still have mounted to the railing of the lanai) but it flew off before I could get it focused correctly.

hawaiian hawk in south kona

i'o hawk flying towards the place of refuge on the big island of hawaii

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