Mongooses Gone Wild

So one morning I was sitting out on the lanai with my coffee in one hand and my trusty Canon 20D in the other … scouting the treetops for birds. My 200mm telephoto lens was still fairly new to me at the time and I was learning the hard way just how tough nature photography really is.

Anyway I’m looking around for birds just daydreaming away when suddenly I noticed this mongoose poke his nose out from the rocks about 50 feet down the driveway. And so I ever so slowly and quietly, as if in a Tell-tale Heart, crept over to the front steps and sat down, tried to focus my new zoom lens as best I could. Because, for as abundant and plentiful as mongoose are around this island, they are notoriously hard to photograph (in the “wild”) because they are so fast and always hiding in the brush. At least in my experience.

But I crept quietly forth like a cat, and this one apparently didn’t see me, or at least didn’t see me as a threat, so I snapped off a couple shots …

hawaiian mongoose standing on lava rock

hawaiian mongoose standing on lava rock on coffee farm in captain cook

And was excited to see the mongoose venture farther out in the driveway…

female hawaiian mongoose

But suddenly a second mongoose appeared from the brush, and, well …

male hawaiian mongoose mounting a female mongoose

hawaiian mongoose mating

hawaiian mongoose mating ritual

the female mongoose trots off as if nothing happens

And then she trots off and continues about her day as if nothing had happened…

female mongoose nonchalantly walks away after intercourse

So I had this picture (well, pictures), which I thought was/were hilarious. A month later, I harvested our first batch of coffee, which was exciting times for us hobby farmers. I wanted to send some out to my clients as a gift, but I figured what good was coffee without a label? (I mean, I buy wine based on the label). Then I remembered this picture, and stuck it on the bag more or less as a joke and sent it out to everyone. I wasn’t quite sure if it would offend anyone. But the next week, we I hooked up our cable so I could watch sports (and my wife wanted to watch The Bachelor), and after seeing what was on television these days I knew I had nothing to worry about. And not surprisingly, everyone who I sent coffee to loved the label. Most everyone, that is. The lone dissenter came from Alan, who apparently thinks it is too obscene…. which is still to this day mind-blowing to me because he watches more TV than anyone I know. And maybe I could take his criticism a little more seriously if his favorite shows weren’t Jersey Shore and Real Housewives.

So if you are offended, well, I am not sorry. I saw more graphic images than this on Meerkat Manor.