The seasons are changing in Hawaii

coffee season in kona is upon us

Some say that you can’t tell the seasons apart in Hawaii … and for the most part that’s true. I forget what month it is all the time. But here it is late August, and it is clearly beginning to feel like coffee season. Now the mornings are clear and beautiful, then the clouds roll in around noon, making for an overcast afternoon. Some days it rains here, some days it does not make it this far and I just watch the rain come down farther up the mountain in the distance. Either way this is actually a good thing for the coffee. Since we haven’t been getting much rain, any rain we do get is welcome, and besides that the clouds protect the coffee trees (and me) from getting baked in the hot hot afternoon sun.

The downside is that lately those overcast afternoons often linger until after dark, and we miss out on sunsets. But today was different. There was a think carpet of clouds hanging above south kona all afternoon, stretching out into the horizon. But around 5 o’clock, the sun found the outer boundaries of that large layer of clouds, and rays of light began to break through. The cloud cover began to recess, and suddenly the sun emerged, big and bright and red as ever. The whole lanai lit up like it had been hit with a spotlight.

sunset at the coffee farm in captain cook, hawaii

a nice sunset to kick off coffee season

coffee season is here in kona

coffee season is here in kona

coffee season in kona has arrived

And, for the record, I don’t miss the seasons that involve sub-zero winters and >90 degree summers. You can keep it. I’m fine with watching it on the tv and on the internet … that helps me keep my days straight.

Woke up the next morning, looked off the lanai. The sun was just starting to hit the coastline, and you can see the shadow of Mauna Loa (which is behind us, as is the sun in the morning) still keeping part of the valley in the dark.

Clear view of the south kona coast from the lanai of our coffee farm in captain cook, hawaii

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